Movement Statements
Unveiling of Memorial for INLA Volunteers Brendan Mc Namee and Miriam Daly
3 June 2003

There will be unveiling of a memorial to fallen volunteers of the Irish National Liberation Army held in Andersontown, on the 22nd of June 2003. The memorial is the latest in a series of memorials dedicated over the course of the past year by the Belfast Memorial Committee of Teach na Failte, the organisation of ex-Irish Republican Socialist prisoners of war.

The memorial to be unveiled on the 22nd of June is in recognition of the sacrifice of INLA volunteers Brendan Mc Namee and Miriam Daly, both of whom were assassinated. Brendan Mc Namee was killed in 1975 by the Official IRA and Miriam Daly was murdered by the SAS in 1980, operating under the guise of a loyalist death squad. Miriam was also the second chairperson of the Irish Republican Socialist Party, taking over the position following the assassination of the IRSP's first chairperson, Seamus Costello, in 1977. At the time of her death she was also a member of the national leadership of the National H-Block/Armagh Committee.

A successful social function was held to support the memorial, in the St. Johns Social Club on the Whiterock Road, on the 31st of May. The function included a disco, with a ballot and an auction.

Please come out to demonstrate your respect for the memory of these fallen INLA volunteers, who gave their lives in the struggle for Irish national liberation and the creation of a 32-county Irish socialist republic.


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